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Dysart dissents on subdivision development

July 20, 2010

Miles Excavating wants to move forward with its plans to build the Tomahawk Valley subdivision between 155th Street and 158th Streets.

To do that it needed its final development plans for the project to be approved by the Basehor City Council, but not everybody in the council was pleased with the idea.

During Monday night’s meeting, councilmember Iris Dysart expressed her disapproval of the plan being brought forth because she felt it benefited Miles Excavating more than the city, when she believed a previous plan was more equitable to both parties.

“I can’t understand why we would go back and throw out all of the work the city has done on this plat to got it somewhere where it was equitable for all of us,” Dysart said. “Because that didn’t work out, they are coming back with this. I don’t think this is an equitable tradeoff.”

Dysart said when the final development plan for the subdivision was brought to the planning commission and the city council in 2006 it had more stipulations including an increase in square footage to the sizes of homes and extra sewer provisions. At that time the preliminary and final plans were approved by both the commission and the council.

Because Miles Excavating never began construction of the subdivision, the approved plan expired in 2007.

In 2009 Miles Excavating tried once again to get the plans approved by starting the process over again, but not with all of the provisions agreed to in the 2006 final plan.

Council president Jim Washington didn’t share Dysart’s concerns stating the plans were approved accordingly.

“This has been through the standard process and essentially this standard process started over last year in June.” Washington said.

In July 2009 the planning commission unanimously voted to reject the developers preliminary plan.

The following August, the council voted 4-0 to override the planning commissions decision and approve the preliminary development plan.

The plan was then sent back to the planning commission for the purpose of making sure the final plan was consistent with the preliminary plan. The commission passed the final plan 4-0 in June.

Dysart said there wasn’t anything the planning commission could do at that point and voted on the fact that the final plan was consistent with the council-approved preliminary plan.

The new preliminary plans did include right-of-way allowance for a new sewer line to replace the Chestnut lift station and the easement for the city to add a walking trail in the subdivision.

The council, including Mayor Terry Hill voted 5-1 to approve the final plan, with Dysart casting the dissenting vote.

Additionally, the council and mayor voted 5-1 to grant Miles Excavation an extension on his final development plan, which gives the company five years to begin to build the first phase of the project instead of the regular 18 months before the plan expires and would require reapprove from the commission and the council.

Dysart also disagreed with that provision.

“If he didn’t do anything five years ago, he probably won’t do anything for another five years,” she said. “Nobody is building anything. Why should we sew up this plat for five years?

But when asked by councilmember Bill Moyer what actions the council could take Dysart did not have any specific answers.

In other business the Basehor City Council:

• Voted 4-1 to approve the public hearing date for the Theno Estates Neighborhood Revitalization for Aug. 16, during the regularly scheduled meeting. Dysart cast the dissenting vote.

• Unanimously approved the issuance of series 2010 temporary notes.

• Voted 4-1 to update the city’s personnel manual. Councilmember Dennis Mertz cast the dissenting vote.

• Unanimously voted to set the public hearing date for the 2011 budget during the Aug. 16 regularly scheduled meeting.

• Met in executive session for 10 minutes with the city attorney and city administrator to discuss land acquisition.


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