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Lyme Association offers tips on tick prevention, removal

June 3, 2010

With nice weather and spending more time outside upon us, the Lyme Association of Greater Kansas City is encouraging people to protect themselves against ticks.

Ticks can be as small as a poppy seed and transmit several diseases with one bite. The Center for Disease Control recommends spraying repellent containing the chemical permethrin on clothing and allowing it to dry before going outside.

Discuss with your veterinarian how to protect your pet from ticks, and check yourself and animals thoroughly after being outside. Remove ticks immediately if found. The safest way to remove ticks is by sliding an object under it, like a credit card with a V-shaped slit cut into it. Tick removers can also be purchased for $4 from the Lyme Association.

For a free brochure about tick-borne diseases, go to


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