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Letter: City hinders business’ success

June 10, 2010

To the editor:

It has come to my attention that Vicki Kobialka (owner of Kobi’s Bar and Grill) has come to the Bonner Springs City Council to request permission to use the parking lot behind her property to put on a concert. When this idea was presented to the council, the City Manager, John Helin, suggested that the city begin to charge “for profit” businesses a fee to use the city parking lot. It seems the decision has already been made to not accept any applications for use of the property by “for profit” businesses.

It is not the fact that the city wants to charge a fee that bothers me, it is the timing, the lack of consideration for the application and the deliberate contempt this governing body has toward Kobi’s and their patrons.

On a yearly basis, Vicki has to confront this City Council and the mayor on issues that directly affect her effort to pursue her business and make her customers (taxpayers) happy. She remains at your mercy, year after year.

I believe the council has offered her consideration in the fact that it excluded her annual charity event, “Kobi’s Bike Show,” and I am sure she sees that as a consideration. It is difficult to look at this situation and not believe that these “fees” were conceived to deter her from pursuing any events for the benefit of her business and the city. It seems as though you are violating her rights to be a success.


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