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We all scream for ice cream

June 17, 2010

I can think back when ice cream cones in our drug store in Lansing were 5 cents.

With few exceptions everyone loves ice cream and I have found that the benefits of eating ice cream are many, and outweigh the idea that it will make you fat. Ice cream is part of every birthday party, picnic or family gathering.

On our travels one of the favorite things is to visit a local ice cream parlor and look at the wide variety of choices on the menu. Have you ever walked down a busy street and seen someone eating a strawberry or chocolate cone full of delectable ice cream and you ask them, “Where did you get that?”

Eating ice cream really does make you happy. Scientists have found that eating one spoonful of ice cream lights up the happy zone and gives the same pleasure in the brain as winning money and listening to your favorite music. They found this out during clinical trials.

One of the benefits is the intake of calcium, which helps control blood pressure. It also provides essential vitamins and minerals, including potassium, vitamin A, D, B-12 and riboflavin.

Many years ago we had an ice cream freezer with a hand crank and took turns turning the crank. This built up the anticipation of what was coming. We also had more control of the ingredients, such as the amount of sugar and fresh seasonal fruits, which added to the nutritional value as well as taste. Now our freezer has a motor. Making your own lets you use your imagination, and there is a never-ending choice.

Many favorites around the world are much different than what we are used to. In Brazil sweet corn ice cream is a favorite, while in Italy it is quite common to find artichoke ice cream at gelato shops. I think I’ll stick with strawberry.

Every time I write an article for this paper with the help of Ada, we have a treat. And guess what? Tonight it is vanilla ice cream.


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