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Chamber introduced to finance program

June 24, 2010

The June Basehor Chamber of Commerce meeting was all about getting organized.

Tony Kramer, of Kramer and Associates CPAs in Leavenworth, gave chamber members an introduction to QuickBooks, which he says is an effective way to keep tabs on your company or personal finances.

QuickBooks is a computer accounting program designed primarily for small businesses and allows the user to store and organize endless files of financial information quickly and easily.

“I recommend this program to any of my clients looking to start a new business,” Kramer said. “This really is the best program out there. The features in QuickBooks expand beyond profit and losses.”

Kramer walked the chamber through a brief tutorial on the program’s features, showing how he uses QuickBooks to track numerous sets of numbers for his personal farm. The program gives users several options for entering data then filing the data into simple, easy-to-access folders.

QuickBooks can also be used to budget a person’s or company’s current and future spending, as the software will make predictions based on previously entered data.

“This can be a way to check all your business transactions,” he said. “It’s a nice record-keeping tool. And it’s more than just bookkeeping. It’s taking an in-depth look at your business and making projections for six to 12 months based on what you’ve done the last six or 12 months.”

As with any other computer program, Kramer said business owners and associates needed to be sure to back up any files saved on their computers.

“You should back up your files every day,” he said. “Memory sticks are inexpensive now, and I like to buy three of them and rotate them out each day. You never know when something’s not going to save correctly, and if you lose those files, you’re in a lot of trouble.”

Kramer and Associates CPAs conducts monthly QuickBook sessions for its clients.

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