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Letter: Lifeguard shows insensitivity

June 24, 2010

To the editor:

It has come to my attention that the staff at the Bonner Springs Aquatic Center need manners and an education on those with disabilities that attend the center.

I was yelled at from across the pool "wheelchairs are not allowed in the pool!” Now certainly, I'm not the first or only person that uses a wheelchair that's been to this pool, but if so, I wouldn't want anyone else to feel that hurt and humiliation. With some education and sensitivity training, I think this can be avoided in the future.

I did get an apology from Parks and Rec Director Skip Dobbs, and was assured action would be taken. I strongly encourage those who use chairs or others with disabilities to go to the Aquatic Center, enjoy the water, the sunshine and let people know you're living your life and are not afraid or ashamed to be out there with everyone else.

Cherie Armstrong



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