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Ode to Ed Bradford

June 24, 2010

Last week we lost a good friend. Ed Bradford died Sunday, June 13, 2010, at his home in Tonganoxie at age 79.

He and his wife Rosemary built two houses in Lansing. The first is now on South First Street and the second at 106 East Lois, which happened to be next door to us. This lot next to us was once a peach and cherry orchard owned by George Trapp. We became good friends and special neighbors. Our children grew up together and to this day are still good friends.

Ed was on the second Lansing City Council along with Jake Henchek, John Kendall, Oscar Lichte and Jim McGee. The mayor was George Caraway. Ralph Spain was the police judge, John Murray was the attorney and Frances Graham was the city clerk, and Helen McCarthy was the city treasurer. If I remember right, Ed was about 33 years old at the time. He also was a president of the Lansing Lions Club. Their meetings alternated between the Catholic Church Hall and the Methodist Church Hall. Their meals were prepared by the church ladies. During his presidency in the Lions Club, the decision was made to number the houses. This was a club project and the committee of Walt Linaweaver and Dallas Felt had the job of doing this. It had to be done before we could have mail delivery house to house.

Ed was an avid reader. I was always impressed with his knowledge about almost any subject. He worked for the Behee Paint Store in Leavenworth and was co-owner of the Bradford Powers Paint Store in Leavenworth, as well as manager of The Cook Paint Store in Leavenworth later to manage the Cook Paint Store in Greeley, Colo.

He had an incredible ability to match colors. This was years before technology to do this took over. Finally he managed the Sherwin Williams Store in Denver and stayed there until his retirement

He and Rosemary moved to Tonganoxie about seven years ago to be close to their daughter, Marilee, who lives near McLouth. He was a good friend and we will miss him.


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