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Sewer rate increase takes effect

May 7, 2010

Commercial and residential customers will see increases in their monthly bills as an increase in sewer charges takes effect in Lansing this month.

Effective May 1, commercial customers will be charged a $14 base charge plus $2.65 for each unit, which is an increase of 25 cents per unit. Residential customers will also see an increase of 25 cents per unit. The new residential structure is as follows:

Base Charge $12.00 + $2.50 for each unit

2 Units $17

3 Units $19.50

4 Units $22

5 Units $24.50

6 Units $27

7 Units $29.50

8 Units $32

9 Units $34.50

10 Units $37

New residents will be charged six units. This rate structure does not include the amount billed for trash service.

The Lansing City Council approved changes to the city’s residential and commercial wastewater rates at its May 21, 2009, meeting.

Based on a two-year consultant study, a recommendation was made to adjust Lansing wastewater (sewer) “Per Unit” rates (with one unit defined as 750 gallons of wastewater usage), and add corresponding “Base Fee” rates for both commercial and residential accounts.

Incremental increases are scheduled for 2009 through 2013 and may be adjusted at the city’s discretion.

Residential customers’ metered usage is based on the average of metered water use for the months of December, January, February and March. The new winter month averages have been received from Lan-Del and will take effect beginning with the June 1, 2009 bills; rates will be effective for the subsequent 12-month period. New service customers with no historical water use record will be billed for 6 units until a water use history is established. Senior Citizens, 65 years of age or older, will be billed for 3 units until a water use history is established.

Additionally, penalties for having an outstanding balance not paid by the 25th of each month will increase from $1.50 to 10% of the outstanding balance, also effective June 1, 2009. Balances not paid within 60 days from the 25th of the month will be held delinquent and may constitute a lien upon the real estate served by the service.

For more information, please contact the Lansing Finance Department at (913) 727-3233.


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