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BPU lowers summer rates

May 13, 2010

The Kansas City Board of Public Utilities has announced the fuel and energy recovery charge for the 2010 summer period — May to October — is being adjusted downward by 27 percent from last summer.

This decrease, when applied to the average BPU residential customer’s electric usage, will mean a savings of approximately $10 per month during this period compared to last summer.

The charge, known as the Energy Rate Component, represents the utility’s cost of fuel to generate electricity and the cost of power that must be purchased on open market. The ERC changes every six months and is based on actual fuel and purchased power costs that BPU pays. These costs are then incorporated into customers’ bills. The charge is listed as a rider on your bill, separate from electric base rates.

As a part of the total electric bill, the ERC is the most variable portion of the bill and often goes up and down with the price of energy and purchase power.


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