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Sixty years that went too fast

May 27, 2010

An awful lot can happen in 60 years. In a couple of weeks, Ada and I will be celebrating our 60th anniversary, and we have been busy going through old pictures that our children want to put together in a collage. It is so much fun to see what things looked like back then.

We were married in St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church. It was then located where the Trinity Church of God in Christ at 103 E. Kay is now. Only then there were no house numbers and there was no Kay Street. Also it was not a corner. There was a big, two-story house on the corner with two more houses north of that. Then an alley and on across to Dr. Moore’s office and the rest of what was once our downtown. U.S. Highway 73 was only two lanes then and there was a filling station on the corner across from the big, two-story house.

Down the same street going east was the Methodist Church, and a little farther on the south side was the Baptist Church. On the next corner was our Lansing High School that is now the Activity Center.

We had our reception in the Mondero home and backyard. At this point in time it is the parking lot for Caraway Printing at 204 North Main The highway that went through town was then called Minnie Street. John Mondero was famous for his homemade wine, which caused all the men to gather in the backyard.

Other pictures showed the big smokestack at the prison and the beautiful towers that were later removed. The big prison lawn was full of peony bushes in a row all the way to the highway. Our museum was in its original location by the railroad tracks north of the lumberyard. The Santa Fe Depot was still in use. Several years later the insulation for our house came in on a train at that location. Ned Rush delivered it to our house on Lois Street, which was then just a mud road with no name.

It has been great to live in Lansing all these years and see the changes and growth from a small town to a thriving community of wonderful people.


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