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We found grandpa

November 11, 2010

Today we found Grandpa John Mondero, who died in 1907.

It is a long sad story about how we went to Mt. Calvary Cemetery for Memorial Day this year like we always do, but we looked and looked and found no marker for Grandpa John where we thought it should be. The one for Grandma Mary who died in 1895 was intact. Even our kids went there to look, but no luck.

We even went so far as to go to the cemetery caretaker and ask for help. He went out with us and said it possibly had sunk down into the ground. And besides that, according to the year, he thought we were looking in the wrong row. He told us to wait until the fall when the grass would stop growing and we could look further.

Part of the problem, back in the 1880s and early 1900s many people could not afford to buy big expensive tombstones. The area is in the southwest corner of Mt. Calvary, and to this day there are many graves without markers. This bothered Ada’s parents and relatives, so they got together in about the 1940s and bought two new markers, the flat kind that the lawnmowers can go over, but they do tend to sink over time. They were placed in the right locations according to cemetery records at totally different rows because of the difference in years that they died, about 50 feet apart.

To make a long story short, today we went to Mt. Calvary for the blessing of all the graves as well as the new beautiful cross that had to be replaced due to storm damage of the one that had been there so many years. This gave us the opportunity to bless the old section and walk the entire area. Lo and behold, Ada found a spot that looked different and after some brushing off the dead grass, it was there. She was happy to be able to sprinkle holy water on the graves of her two grandparents.

Now we wonder about all the unmarked graves that are there and hope eventually family members could take the time to mark their ancestor’s resting place.


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