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Council approves finance director job

November 18, 2010

Next year, Basehor’s city clerk position will take on more responsibilities and a new title: finance director.

That change, which includes a pay raise, was one of the adjustments in the 2011 city staff pay scale that the Basehor City Council approved Monday night, 4-1.

Corey Swisher, the current city clerk, will take on the responsibilities of the city treasurer and city clerk when he steps into the new job. The new position will be on the same pay scale tier as the chief of police and city superintendent jobs, which will result in a raise of $1,206.40 for next year.

Swisher started as city clerk in early September. City administrator Mark Loughry said the city hired Swisher with the intent to give him additional responsibilities, and his performance so far merited that.

“I think Corey’s right where I would expect him to be, if not a little bit ahead,” Loughry said.

After Swisher was hired, Mayor Terry Hill told the Sentinel he hoped to change the city clerk role into one with more responsibility in managing the city’s finances. He said during the meeting Monday Swisher had already begun to take on extra tasks.

“I’ve been very pleased with Corey’s performance and his proactive approach to the job,” Hill said.

Iris Dysart was the lone council member to vote against the new pay scale.

“I do have a concern about just hiring a man two months ago, and in four months we’re going to give him a $1,200 raise,” Dysart said.

Swisher was hired at a salary of $61,339.20, and the salary for the finance director job in 2011 will be $62,545.60.

The pay scale also calls for city engineer Mitch Pleak to receive a scheduled raise of $1,539.20.

In all, the new pay scale will add $2,820 to the city’s 2011 budget. A few jobs that are currently unfilled will be eliminated or combined. There is no across-the-board raise because of economic conditions, Loughry said.

In a discussion that was separated from the rest of the pay scale, the council also approved, 4-1, a stipend of about $2,500 for the assistant city administrator, who is a city department head who assumes additional responsibilities helping the administrator. Dysart also voted against the stipend.

That position has been filled by police chief Lloyd Martley since 2009, after Martley served as interim city administrator. Martley had been on the same pay-scale level as the city administrator, but now his salary will be based on the police chief level of the scale, with an additional stipend for being the assistant city administrator.

Loughry said he wanted to settle on a stipend amount for the position so that another person can eventually assume the job after Martley leaves.

In other business Monday, the council:

  • Approved, 6-0, an ordinance establishing the architectural design standards that the council approved at its October meeting.
  • After a public hearing, approved, 5-0, an amendment to the 2010 budget allowing for increased budgets for the city’s capital improvement fund and Cedar Lakes fund. The Capital Improvement Fund went over its original $150,000 budget because of the city’s purchase of the Field of Dreams sports facility, and the fund’s amended budget will be $400,000. The Cedar Lakes fund went over its original $17,000 budget because of machine failures, and its amended budget will be $30,000.
  • Heard from Loughry that the city’s 2010 Pavement Management Plan improvements finished last week.


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