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An apple a day …

October 28, 2010

That old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” is a proverb backed up by science and is as good and truthful today as ever. It’s that time of year again and we love viewing all the varieties, sizes and colors of that wonderful versatile fruit.

The benefits are unbelievable. Apples may reduce the risk of cancer by preventing DNA damage. Its fibers control cholesterol levels, helping with heart disease and weight loss. Apples are a cleansing food supported by fiber, antioxidants and fruit flavonoids. Apples have been traditionally used to prevent arthritis, rheumatism and gout.

One should make a habit of eating at least one apple daily. The result in actually eating an apple is that the dietary fiber causes it to take longer for digestion and it has a low glucose level, making you feel full.

If your daily diet includes apples, you will be healthier. Apples contain 250 trace chemicals, which are responsible for the tang and aroma of the fruit. This aroma has a calming effect on us, thus lowering blood pressure. The green apples contain more fiber, but the red ones are tastier. The sugars are fructose and sucrose, and they are both natural sugars and are not harmful to the body. Apples are good for diabetics and help control blood sugar levels. Ripe apples contain 80 percent water and are virtually fat free. They contain potassium, which is needed for the regulation of water balance and muscle function, and are a good source of vitamin C.

We are very fortunate to be living in an area of fresh apples orchards. Even though most of our apples come from Washington state, the one grown here at home are special. Many yards in Lansing have good apple trees. You can make all sorts of salads and desserts with apples. I like any kind of pie as long as its apple.


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