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Remembering Ed Hamler

September 23, 2010

1950 was a wonderful year. It was a year of weddings and friendships that have lasted 60 years.

In February of that year our good friend, Anita Borchardt, who graduated from Lansing High and grew up in our little town, introduced us to her new husband, Ed Hamler. Ed grew up in Leavenworth and was part of a family in the upholstery business.

They lived in the east part of Lansing. We became fast friends and over the years we worked together in many organizations. He was a charter member of the Lansing Lions Club, which started in 1954, and was president from 1958 to 1959. He was fire chief of the Delaware Fire Department from 1960 to 1964, and in 1959 when the city was incorporated, he was elected to be a member of Lansing’s first city council. He was also a member of the VFW and the American Legion.

Our friend Ed Hamler, passed away Sept. 15 at the Olathe Medical Center at the age of 84. Although he did not grow up in Lansing, he became a part of everything to help make our town grow and prosper.

At that time in our lives, none of us had much money for extras. We had growing families, so a group of 10 or 12 couples formed a club called ‘’The Chit and Chatter Club.” We met once a month in each others’ homes. In the summer it was usually an outdoor picnic at a park or backyard with all the little ones being a part of the fun. In the winter it was indoors and we relied on Grandma and Grandpa to baby sit, so we could have a special outing. Our dues was about a dollar a month and once or twice a year we would splurge on going to a nice restaurant. Anita and Ed were part of our group, and we have many fond memories of our good times together.

Our town of Lansing has been fortunate in having many people like Ed to help in its growing up process. Thanks, Ed.


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