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Spring is sprung

April 7, 2011

Have any of you heard the old Burma Shave adage, “Spring is sprung, the grass is rizz, I wonder where the flowers is”?

I think spring is finally here. The 88 degree temperature we had this afternoon (it is Sunday at this writing), was very welcome in spite of the wind. We enjoyed some time out on the patio looking over all the yard work that is waiting for a rake or shovel or lawn mower.

Suddenly a few hours later I heard a noisy sound on the windows that had to be ice crystals falling from somewhere up there along with a cool rain, a clap of thunder and some lightening.

We in Kansas are accustomed to changes in the weather, and I guess that is what makes life so interesting. We don’t dare think spring is here to stay. I do dread the thought of having a short springtime, only to turn into a long hot summer.

I guess I will have to buy a new lawn mower, as I ran the wheels off mine last summer. I replaced them three times and I really think part of it is my own fault. It is called abuse because being an impatient person I pushed harder than the self-propeller wanted me to and therefore a few cogs get busted in the process.

Would you believe that someone who “appears” to be organized and have everything in place would have a little shed with six old broken down lawnmowers inside? The oldest lawnmower in there is a 1953 Western Auto push mower that I am sure will run again when I get the time to check it out. One of these days when I have time, I will try to get it running again along with the other five. My wife threatens to put them all out by the street in hopes some other “fix it guy” will take them to his back yard shed to fix when he has time.


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