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Bonner begins preparations for interchange redesign

April 21, 2011

The city of Bonner Springs is taking some preliminary steps necessary to prepare for a new interchange at Interstate 70 and Kansas Highway 7.

The Bonner Springs City Council on Monday will learn about a preliminary engineering study the city will conduct to determine the best methods of relocating utility lines near the interchange. Of utmost importance are lines related to the Riverview and 118th Street bridges.

Rick Sailler, utilities director, said the city will make a preliminary engineering agreement with the firm Wilson & Company to do a cost study of several options for relocating pipelines in those areas, as well as a water line and force main that will need to be relocated due to the state’s plans for the future realignment of the interchange.

While the interchange is, overall, a huge project that eventually will include areas along Kansas Avenue, 130th Street and Canaan Center Drive, Sailler said those could be 10 to 20 years away until the state secures funding for it. The state and city also are still working out details concerning rights-of-way in the interchange footprint.

But the Kansas Department of Transportation does have funding planned for the Riverview and 118th Street bridges, which will be let for construction in December 2012 and December 2013, respectively.

Sailler said the engineering study cost will be covered out of the city’s normal operating budget for now, but the state will reimburse some engineering and construction costs for the waterline at Riverview and 126th Street. Funding for utility relocation at the 118th Street bridge will depend on what the city decides to do, but it likely will be a city expense, he said.

Sailler said the relocation work shouldn’t affect any homeowners.

“We’ll work through supply issues and how to supply water during construction times, but as far as anybody being out of water during construction time, that should not be a concern; we would not allow that,” he said.


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