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Make someone smile

April 28, 2011

How do we say “Thank You”? There are so many things we can do to help someone without costing a lot of money. A smile or a hug is free and you always get one back.

There is a website named which is full of ideas for how we can make the life of someone much happier, whether we know them or not. Most of the things I read in this website most of us are familiar with and just do automatically without thinking about it. Some of the suggestions are as follows: Make smile cards or holiday cards and pass them out to strangers in a grocery store, or a cashier or waitress or a special teacher; leave a bouquet of flowers on a neighbor’s doorstep, knock and run so they do not see you. Hold the door open for someone coming behind you as you enter a building. Pick out someone you do not know in a room of friends and strike up a conversation with them. Make a newcomer feel welcome and introduce them to the ones you know. This list goes on and on.

Always acknowledge an act of kindness by sending a note or making a phone call. Donate your favorite book to the library with a note inside about why you love it. Tell a public service employee how valuable they are. Buy bottles of water on a hot day and pass them out with a smile. Strike up a conversation with an elderly person. Now we have a lot of opportunities in our area to thank a serviceman, give them a hug and a smile and say “Thank you for your service to our country”.

Last week Ada and I were honored two times, first by the Lansing Educational Foundation and second by the Lansing Community Library. We now have a room at the library named for us and how exciting can that be? It’s the community room where all the wonderful programs for the children and adults alike can gather for all sorts of activities.

Now we have a great big “Thank You” to say to the Lansing Educational Foundation, City Hall, and the Lansing Community Library for all the work they went to on our behalf. We love you all.


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