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Something to smile about

August 18, 2011

Can you believe there have been scientific studies to find out about happy people and what makes them that way? Scientists say people are happier when they can communicate and interact with other people. In other words if you are a “people person” you will be happier.

Shucks, I could have told them that.

They also say if we cooperate in activities and share our personal feelings with a friend or relative, that would contribute greatly to our feelings of happiness. People who volunteer or simply care for others on a consistent basis seem to be happier. Although caring can involve being in a club or part of an organization, it can simply be reaching out to someone you work with or a neighbor or family member. It is easy to reach out to someone who is lonely or seems to be uncomfortable in a crowd. In this case, all it takes is to walk over and say hi, and have a brief conversation.

It is good in your life to set goals or a challenging activity, and when you reach that accomplishment, you naturally will have a good feeling. In the areas of positive psychology, gratitude has received the most attention. People who are grateful for what they have accomplished have a greater positive emotion and a greater sense of belonging.

I have lived a lifetime without even thinking about being happy or unhappy, and I think most people feel the same way. Do you consciously think about it and is it even necessary to think about it?

I think everyone needs an outlet to express their feelings. When I need a boost, I go to my studio and paint a picture or ride my bicycle outside in the fresh air. When I do these things, no scientist has studied me to find out if I am happy or not. I just know it makes me feel good and that is the bottom line.

Many things can be mentally and physically invigorating, such as hiking, shopping, visiting, walking or reading a good book. Are you like most of us who are happy and don’t know it. Tell your face you are happy and smile.


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