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Battle vs. leaves

December 8, 2011

I think I am winning the war against the leaves in my yard after at least five battles in just one month. This includes days of raking and blowing and sacking and cutting them up into little pieces. Our lovely trees are starting to give up.

We love our trees and the beauty that they provide for us all year. This fall one was a brilliant red, another golden yellow and several hues in between. As you know the bad part of trees is when they distribute their leaves evenly across the yard and driveway.

About 35 years ago we purchased a great big leaf vacuum cleaner that was about three feet across. The problem was it picked up the rocks along with the leaves and the collection bag got so full and so heavy it was difficult and my temperament could not handle it. It was a Montgomery Ward device and is now sort of an antique still sitting in the little back shed, the poor bag now in ruins.

The fun time was when our four kids were little and we had a pick up truck. I would put the leaves in the back and they would have a great time jumping up and down to make room for more. Then we went off to the junk yard and we would all sing the “junk yard song” on the way. Actually it was one we made up as we went along.

What saved my life this year was a new two-speed electric blower that replaced the old gas blower that I was always having trouble getting started. No more hassle of buying and mixing gas. I have actually had fun using it and Ada has accused me of blowing our leaves down the street to the neighbor’s yard, the one that has no trees. This is really not true because I picked the piles and rows of leaves up with my mulching lawn mower.


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