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The week before Christmas

December 22, 2011

The week before Christmas and all through our house is clutter and boxes and ornaments and wrapping paper and decorations just waiting to be put into their proper places.

It seems that the busiest times catch us doing tasks that could wait till spring. I will give you an example: The other day, Ada was looking for gifts she had purchased months ago to put away until Christmas. Where did they go? She ended up cleaning two closets in the process, and that took away the time she needed to bake cookies or get other important tasks done.

I am just as bad. I found in the basement boxes of old lights that did not work, mainly due to one or two bulbs being burned out. It is so frustrating when that happens, and I usually spend hours just looking for the broken one so it can be replaced. That is time I could be decorating the bushes in front of our house and by the time I get the darn things fixed, it is too dark or too windy to go outside

What saved my life this year was a gadget that I have had on hand since last year. It is called Light Keeper Pro, and the reason it didn’t work for me then was because I did not follow all the instructions so I figured it was useless. This year I looked a little closer at the directions and noticed there was a video online that showed me what to do. The guy said you can fix a string of lights in 10 seconds. Wow!! Believe it or not, it worked, and I had so much fun fixing at least a dozen sets of lights. That is why the bushes in front of our house sort of light up the whole neighborhood. Since they worked, I had to use them, right? I just couldn’t quit.

I just wonder how many of you have saved the strings of lights from one year to the next thinking there would be plenty of time to get them fixed and organized during the summer time? Most of us are “savers” by nature, because that is the way we grew up. My bad strings of lights survived many a “throw the darn things out” threat.

Anyway, Ada and I wish all of you readers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We love you.


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