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Letter: Error in judgment

January 20, 2011

To the editor:

After reading the article about the sewer service rate hike in our local paper, I could not believe my eyes. The amount of 40 percent was not a type error. I wish there had been a mistake made in the article! Nevertheless, there has definitely been an error in judgment on behalf of our City Council members that voted in this exorbitant increase.

Do you remember the recession? People are hurting. Seniors on Social Security have had no cost-of-living allowances for two years. Few people I know are receiving pay increases. Most have had hours cut back. Has any city personnel had to tighten their belts?

I have lived in Basehor since the late 1970s and have seen little updating to the infrastructure in my area of the city — same sewer lines, same water lines, same meters, etc.

The only large change I have witnessed, and I must be honest here, is the huge increase in my taxes. I have seen my taxes go from $600 in 1977 to more than $2,000 in 2010.

I’m not the only citizen who is bent out of shape over this matter.

At the present rate City Hall is being run, people will stop buying homes here in Basehor and start moving elsewhere. I’ve heard this comment from several people, and I’ll add myself to that list.

Martha Brooks



KSman57 7 years, 4 months ago

The comment below was previously posted in response to "Letter to the Editor: Sewer Increase Will Hurt".

--The city council neglected to successfully implement a small yearly rate increase plan that would have resulted in the desired budget surplus. We, the citizens, are now left to shoulder the responsibility for their failures.

--Given the current economic climate, I would find it hard for a Basehor city council member to look a citizen in the eye and say that a 40% rate increase on top of an increase for trash disposal was the right/only choice. This council needs to open their eyes.

As for home sales in Basehor, it seems to be mostly transplants from surrounding counties. It appears that most Basehor-Linwood graduates are moving a few miles down the road to places like Tonganoxie and Lawrence due to greater employment options, first time home owner programs, and easy access to retail shops. Basehor has none of this.


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