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Lansing reiterates rules on campaign signs

January 26, 2011

The local campaign season has arrived and with it come Lansing's rules and regulations related to signage.

Campaign signs of up to eight square feet or less (four square feet per side; equivalent of two feet by two feet) will be allowed on private property with permission of property owner, without a permit requirement.  Campaign signs may be erected no more than 45 days prior to Election Day, and must be removed within one week following Election Day.  Campaign signs larger than the size noted above may be erected on private property in the same time frame provided a permit for the sign is obtained from the city of Lansing Public Works Department prior to erecting it.  In no instance may campaign signs be erected on public property or in public street/road right of way.  Signs erected on public property or right of way may be removed by city staff without notice.

For more information, contact the Lansing Department of Public Works at 913-727-2400.


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