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Letters: Unhappy wiith ordinance

January 27, 2011

To the editor:

Regarding the letter that was sent out last week by the city of Basehor: Too bad we didn’t get this letter before the Basehor City Council voted on the sewer hike and the trash hike. I’m sure lots of people would have noticed about their concerns.

Let’s start at the recycling in the letter that came from the city administrator, Mark Loughry. Do you think we are going to pull that container out to the curb for one or two things in it a week (I’m not)? We should have had a choice if we wanted recycling. Council members David Breuer, Dennis Mertz, Bill Moyer and James Washington voted for recycling. We could have saved $2 a month, plus the space in our garage.

Let’s talk about Ordinance No. 580, which is the sewer hike ordinance. Some words were left out of the ordinance. I would say that if they had to rewrite the ordinance, you would have to start over or vote on it again, but they are going to make us pay for it in our February bill, but it doesn’t get complete until the Feb. 28 meeting. I hope when you get your February bill you call the city administrator, Mark Loughry, at 724-1370 and give him a piece of your mind.

Elaine Bundy



lostmarbles 7 years, 3 months ago

It's too bad that recycling can't be offered customized to each household's needs. I have been recycling for several years and this will save some on what I have to take to a recycling center. After the first week of having the new containers, my recycling container is full and the enormous trash container has three bags in it that barely fill up the bottom. I'm happy to have the recycling service but sorry that it isn't beneficial for some.


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