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Summer camp key to development of Bonner Springs volleyball

July 7, 2011

The Bonner Springs High School volleyball program made some major gains during the 2010 season as the Braves built a 17-19 record with a youth-laden squad.

Third-year Braves coach Heather Campbell wants her team to build on that progress in 2011, and that began with the annual summer team camp June 13-16 when players refreshed their skills and Campbell began laying the groundwork for the upcoming season.

“It was nice to spend a whole week working on skills,” Campbell said. “It had been awhile since volleyball season.”

The Braves will compete with 23 other teams around the area during a summer league on Mondays and Tuesdays as they build off of the gains made at camp.

Twenty-six players attended the camp, and most of those were incoming seniors and incoming freshmen.

“It was encouraging to have a group of seniors with experience and to have another big group of freshmen coming in to keep the program going,” Campbell said.

With such a variety of girls and many of people playing multiple sports for Bonner Springs, Campbell tries to get the most out of them during camp.

“We worked a lot on the individual stuff, just because the whole team wasn’t there,” she said. “So we worked on things like passing and then getting the freshmen rotating into position and things like that.”

The other part of camp that can be helpful is experiencing volleyball in a different fashion — including a more tranquil atmosphere.

“It’s a little bit more relaxed,” Campbell said. “We’re not getting ready for games. We go hard and then we have more of competition and games and things.”

Campbell has taken a step-by-step approach to building her program from a single-digit wins total to a nearly .500 record. She has emphasized key words for the team to focus on each year as part of that process. That will continue this year.

Campbell unveiled this year’s buzz word at camp.

“The last two camps our key words were ‘focus’ and ‘control,’ and this year on our camp T-shirt I put those two words plus a third word of being able to ‘compete,’” Campbell said. “Just with focus and control the last few years, this year we will be able to see it all come together and to compete against some of the teams we haven’t been able to compete against in the past.”

With a new focus for the season, the Braves look to get over the .500 hurdle and be competitive in the Kaw Valley League and on into postseason play.

“The girls are willing to work hard and put in the time,” Campbell said. “I’m really excited about this upcoming season.”


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