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The excitement of starting your own business

July 28, 2011

The main reason I am writing this is to encourage you to think about starting your own business and learn firsthand the ins and outs of a great adventure.

Our country has always thrived on small businesses. Itis discouraging when we run into one regulation after another, and sometimes I think we have regulated ourselves to death. But the excitement of running your own business far outweighs the overwhelming pitfalls that you run into from time to time. You have to have a passion for what you are selling or the service you provide and stick with it. Location is important and street appeal comes next. You can’t help but notice how lovely the flowers and landscape plantings are at many of our local businesses to make them more inviting.

Back in 1978 I retired from the company in Lawrence that I had worked at for 32 years. I started at age 15 during the war and it was a good living, but a lot of work and a lot of hours driving back and forth so many miles. During that time I constantly dreamed of starting my own business and after two years of retirement and working for a sign company in Leavenworth, that’s just what I did.

I bought the Herbert Sign Company and after a short time decided to change the name to the Young Sign Company. At that time we knew very little about owning a business and we ran into one pitfall after another.

At first when my daughter Ann came to work, we would pray for the phone to ring or for a customer to walk through the door. We were located on Sixth and Oak at first, then around the corner to Sixth street. Finally we had the opportunity to move to our present location on the corner of Fourth and Choctaw. There was no street there then, just railroad tracks. Every time a train went by we just knew it was going to fall over into our building and just a block down did run off the tracks two times. As the time went by, we grew and were in constant change. More and more family members joined us and it is still growing and changing with the times.

Even though we are older now, Ada and I have not forgotten the excitement of starting another new business. We have been studying and learning how to build a web site of our own. Every day we learn something new about how it all works. Come visit us at

We hope this article will inspire you to follow your dream of starting your own business. Don’t hesitate to call me if you have questions.


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