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Stray bullets strike Basehor homes

March 9, 2011

Basehor Police are investigating a report of stray bullets fired this past weekend that left damage at three residences in the Honey Creek Farms subdivision on the western edge of Basehor.

Police Chief Lloyd Martley said officers recovered two bullets from different houses in the subdivision near 166th Street and U.S. Highway 24-40. One had entered a house through a window, and the other was lodged in a garage door, likely after ricocheting off the house's driveway, Martley said.

He said officers had determined the shots had come from the south, probably from outside the Basehor city limits. The rounds appeared to have come from an AK-47 or another assault rifle, he said, which someone was likely shooting up into the air with no thought of where the bullets might land.

The shots could have been fired from as far as two miles away, Martley said.

The bullets were not traveling fast enough to cause serious damage to the properties, he said, but police wanted to make sure to avoid another incident like the one that happened near Linwood in 2008, when a 5-year-old girl was left in a coma after being struck in the head with a stray bullet while playing outside.

“It is something that we are taking very seriously,” Martley said. “We've seen in the past that this can have devastating results.”

He said Basehor Police had asked for assistance from the Leavenworth County Sheriff's Department with the investigation, as the shots likely came from outside the city.

Scott Kendrick, another Honey Creek Farms resident, also reported to police that a statue in front of his home had been hit by a bullet, but police were unable to recover the bullet in question.

He said the incident concerned him because his children had been playing outside earlier that day.

Kendrick said that he and his family frequently heard gunshots coming from south of their home, and he said that if he heard any gunshots in the future, he planned to move his children into the basement.

“It's just sad that people are that careless with firearms,” Kendrick said.


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