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5 questions: It’s twister time

Severe weather week raises awareness

March 10, 2011

This week is Severe Weather Awareness Week in Kansas, a joint venture of the National Weather Service, the Kansas Emergency Management Association and the state Division of Emergency Preparedness. Officials from those agencies answer questions below about severe weather.

Q: How many tornadoes were recorded in Kansas last year?

A: Fortunately, 2010 was another relatively quiet year in regards to tornadoes across the state of Kansas. The state recorded 88 tornadoes, which is 28 above the average of 60 tornadoes since records began in 1950. However, Kansas was 8 under the 20 year average, which is 96.

Q: When were the first and last tornadoes of 2010?

A: The first was April 22 in Kearny County. The last was Sept. 25 in Comanche County. But, Kansans live with the threat of severe weather year round.

Q: What month was the busiest for tornadoes in Kansas?

A: In May, there were 42 tornadoes reported in the state, nearly half of those recorded the entire year.

Q: What’s our plan of attack?

A: Families should practice their severe weather safety plan at home, work, school or other public locations that they frequent. They should develop a safety plan for times when they are participating in outdoor recreation activities, sporting events, or working outdoors. Each Kansan should know where to go should severe weather strike their location.

Q: What is the best way to know if a storm is approaching?

A: All Hazards NOAA Weather Radio is like having your personal tornado siren in your home or vehicle. We encourage Kansans to purchase a weather radio and have it programmed to their county and/or surrounding counties to receive severe weather warnings and information directly from the National Weather Service.


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