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New service in WyCo directed toward disruptive children

May 19, 2011

In response to needs of the community, PACES, which provides mental health services for children in Wyandotte County, is now offering a new form of therapy with the potential to help children who are displaying disruptive behaviors.

The therapy is for a child who is not following directions, engaging in tantrums, annoying others on purpose, destroying things or hurting others, for example. Judi Rodman, service manager, said that PACES therapists are all trained in parent-child interaction therapy and are now accepting referrals for this therapeutic approach.

Parent-child interaction therapy puts the focus on live coaching with parents to teach them to label, identify and reinforce behaviors they want their 3 to 10 year olds to adopt and continue, and to avoid and ignore other behaviors. Using a one-way window, therapists will observe parents and children at play.

The therapists will communicate via a transmitter device with the parent who has an earpiece to receive coaching. Through on-the-spot coaching, the parent learns how to give appropriate directions to the child that are clear and to avoid power struggles.

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