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Rockin’ Robin

May 19, 2011

On Tuesday we went to an art show and wonderful musical featuring the talents of Lansing’s sixth, seventh- and eighth-graders.

It was a wonderful performance and the gym was packed with students, parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, etc. We were amazed at the transitions of the big groups of musicians having to move from one place to another with no problems.

One of the musical pieces sung by the choir was "Rockin Robin," and it was delightful. It reminded me of a pair of robins I have in my backyard that follow me around every time I cut the grass. This has gone on for years and I was convinced that they had to be the same robins that came every year. Today when I was cutting the grass, one of them actually walked back and forth in front of the mower and I had to wait for him to get out of the way so I could continue. Usually they have followed behind me, and I think it is because the vibration of the mower brings the earthworms to the surface and that gives them something to eat. They also like grubs and caterpillars, fruits and berries.

I was so curious about this I had to look it up on the Internet to find the real story. I was disappointed to find out that it could not have been the same family as they do not live much more than a year. Some do live longer but that is rare.

Robins claim their own territory and are protective of it keeping out other robins. They go south into Mexico in the winter and come back early in the spring. They can travel from 15 to 18 miles an hour and have been known to go from 100 to 200 miles in a day, taking many food breaks along the way.

Robins are the state bird of Connecticut, Michigan and Wisconsin.


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