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You’ve got one, too

November 3, 2011

Everybody’s got one. It can be in the kitchen, garage, basement, back porch, or just about any place in your home or vehicle. We have at least four or five at our house and what fun it is to pull out the one in the kitchen and look. How amazing and exciting it is to find the second half of something that has been missing for years. Most of the time I stand and wonder just what it belonged on and more than likely whatever it belonged on is long gone.

How many times have you thought to yourself, “as soon as I throw this away, I will find that missing piece to make it work”. When I find an extra nail or screw, or loose battery, you just can’t throw it away. Naturally all these finds go into the “everything drawer”. We have cleaned out our drawer three or four times in the last fifty or so years. It doesn’t take any time to get it filled up again. Right now I am looking at ours and have found three flashlights, only one worked, just barely. There were at least six packages of flower seeds that we forget about when it’s planting time, a door opener for a cruise that we took twenty years ago. Double roller cabinet catchers if anybody needs some. Two nut crackers, two or three Christmas tree light bulbs, picture hangers—brass plated no less, a spool of insulated brass wire that came from a Ben Franklin Store who knows when. That’s just getting started.

How many of you ladies have a little box with a half dozen or so of just one ear ring, you insist on saving them just in case? A while back Ada gave an ear ring to a guy who wore just one. When going through a little black jewelry box she found the other one and guess what? She had to beg to get the other one back.

So when you find “one of a pair of two”, or something small that you haven’t got a clue about, be sure to put it in the “everything drawer”. I didn’t realize going through our drawer could be so much fun. I know what’s going to happen, it will go back to it’s appointed place in the kitchen intact, because there is absolutely nothing there that we can part with, just in case.


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