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Wednesday: It’s in the middle of the week

October 20, 2011

We are all creatures of habit and have daily schedules that we just can’t seem to change, no matter what. Today is Wednesday so I decided to write about all the things we do on this day that we have done for years. Most of what we do on this day is for camaraderie and visiting as much as anything.

One of the things every Wednesday is going to Computer Class for seniors at 12:30 at the KCK Community College in Leavenworth. We have done this at least six years. We enjoy the group and there is always something new to learn, especially how to access websites to help me write this column. After class we meet across the street at the Pullman Place for coffee and just plain visiting. Then we head for the Golden Living Nursing home in Lansing.

When the Lansing Current first hit our town in 2004, I started writing a column in it and later we started delivering the copies each Wednesday to our friends in the local nursing home. It turned into a weekly thing and gave us a chance to visit the people we knew there as well as meeting new friends. They do not all want the paper but we still have the chance to say hi and take a minute to visit.

When the print form of the Lansing Current stopped and is now only on line, we continued the habit of visiting the friends at the Nursing Home. Then when the Lansing Times started, we decided to take that paper to them. We do this in mid afternoon as it seems to fit their schedule.

Sometimes they are playing bingo or having an afternoon ice cream break. There also is a nice lady named Sylvia who comes in on Wednesday and reads a chapter or two out of a book to the residents. They really like that.

Most Wednesday evenings have a monthly meeting so the whole day is filled. Of course, we do take time for a late afternoon nap.

PS: Take time to visit the traveling display at the Lansing Museum. It’s open on Wednesday —and all the other days too except for Monday.


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