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Google doodles

September 29, 2011

Many people doodle, most of the time without even realizing it.

How many of you have noticed a constant change of the Google Logo? I noticed it this evening and was totally fascinated by the changes and then I was able to find the doodle history.

I found that Google had a webmaster that was designing a logo for Bastille Day back in 2000. Dennis Hwang was the designer and they were so impressed that from that time on they have made 300 Google Doodles in the United States and 700 internationally by a team of talented designers. They represent a wide array of events and anniversaries.

Now they have a team that decides which events to include in their website. You could submit your own ideas for a Google Logo or a design of your own and if accepted, they would put it on their web page for a 24-hour period of time. Just send to

It seems that all it takes is a pencil or pen in hand and a piece of paper close by and a little time on your hands to start making circles or squares or push pulls like we learned in grade school. I have doodled all my life. I draw a little man’s face and I call him the “Funny Man.”

People have been doodling for centuries, from the walls of caves to scratch paper on a desk. Idle chicken scratches left on paper can have a profound meaning. It is a most common and most ignored art form. These doodles can be the windows into people’s unconscious minds.

Last weekend I was at Lamborn Farm’s Pumpkin Patch and took two chalkboards for the children to draw on. It was a great attraction for the kids and they all spent a little time drawing something. Even if we could not quite know what it was, they always knew exactly what they were drawing and went to great length to tell us about it. These could be considered doodles. If they make you happy or less stressful, then they accomplish a great deal.


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