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Animal control finds cases of feline virus in Bonner Springs

April 2, 2012

Bonner Springs Animal Control recently impounded two cats that tested positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, or FIV.

According to animal control officials and a local veterinarian, FIV is a highly contagious and infectious disease primarily transmitted by saliva or from mother to kittens. FIV affects only cats.

To help control the spread of FIV, the Bonner Springs Police Department and Bonner Animal Rescue have entered into an agreement to test impounded cats for FIV for a six-month period. If the result of the test is negative and the animal does not have the disease, the rescue group has agreed to pay the costs for the test.

When a cat has tested positive for FIV, it is unlawful by Kansas Statute to transfer ownership of the animal, so cats with the disease could not be removed from the impound shelter. If the test results are positive, the police department will pay the test costs and humanely euthanize the animal. This will help to control the spread this disease.

According to Paul Slyter, veterinarian at Bonner Springs Animal Care Center, to protect a cat, cat owners either should keep the cat inside or get it vaccinated, though it should be noted that the FIV vaccine is only 60 to 75 percent effective.

Police Chief John Haley commended Bonner Animal Rescue for organizing aide in the situation.

Those with questions regarding FIV should contact their veterinarian or call Animal Control at 913-422-7800.


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