A Look Back: Obscuraday at our museum

April 9, 2012

Atlas Obscura is an international celebration of unusual places, full of expectation, backroom tours and explorations of hidden wonders in your own hometown. April 28 is the day this is celebrated all over the world.

I had never heard of this organization until just recently but find it to be extremely fascinating and interesting. When we were kids, our town was very small and we knew everyone in town. Children communicated with each other with no cell phones, or tweets or iPods. We had a one on one basis of our knowledge of everyone. I am sure now that there are folks in our town who have fascinating and different hobbies or stories that no one knows about. This is a great opportunity to share and spread the word.

Thanks to Laura Phillippi, our Museum director, who is playing host to this affair in our town. It is something totally different and I am sure there are lots of fascinating and unusual things in our own little town that can be shared.

From 10-11 a.m. Saturday, April 28, I will be giving a talk about the history of Lansing and showing the video “The Kansas State Penitentiary, an Institution and a Neighbor” at the Lansing Historical Museum. This event is free but space is limited so please come early or call Laura at (913) 250-0203. Be sure to bring your camera and pictures or stories to share about all the obscure and unusual things in Lansing that you know about.

To find out more about this organization online, type in "Gene Young Lansing KS" and look for Obscuraday.

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