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Council updates 2012 budget

Basehor City Hall is at 2620 N. 155th St.

Basehor City Hall is at 2620 N. 155th St.

December 18, 2012

Basehor City Council updated its 2012 budget at its meeting Monday night by passing amendments to adjust for additional expenditures, giving the city the ability to spend funds not originally planned without additional tax levies.

With debt refunding, the city incurred debt service expenses that exceeded the original bond and interest and sewer budgets, but those additional expenses were offset by bond proceeds.

In addition to the bond and interest and sewer adjustments, funding for special parks and recreation was amended to add $15,000 for capital improvements to Field of Dreams, which raised that project’s 2012 expenses from to $40,000.

Mayor David Breuer was absent from the meeting.

Also at the meeting:

• Council members approved updates to the city’s personnel manual, including clarifying language about overtime pay during a week with a holiday; employee reviews to be done annually, with checkups six months after each evaluation session; and employees to be allowed to carry more vacation time over from one year to the next.

• The council approved a salary increase of $1,000 a month for Interim City Administrator Lloyd Martley, who is also Basehor Police Chief. Council President Travis Miles said he thinks it’s necessary to increase Martley’s compensation for what was supposed to be a temporary position. Martley has been serving as interim city administrator for 15 months.

“It’s my opinion that he’s gone over and above the call of duty in that position,” Miles said. “I think it’s fair compensation for the responsibility he takes on.”

• Council members approved a construction release agreement for council member Brian Healy after replacing a grinder pump at his home. Replacing the pump required a large excavation and removal of landscaping, for which the city is obligated to reimburse the homeowner for repair. Healy agreed to do the work himself, releasing the city and maintenance crews from the repair. The city estimated the repair cost and will reimburse Healy $1,200. Healy abstained from the vote.

• Members passed a resolution authorizing the January 14, sale of general obligation bonds from 2004 and 2005, which could save the city an estimated $388,000. City Clerk Corey Swisher told council members if the market turns sour, the city can revoke the sale within an hour of the sale time, 10 a.m. January 14, and can wait until rates are more favorable.

• The council approved a revision to the legal descriptions of Briarwood Estates West Subdivision lots 1, 2, 54 and 55 for the process of annexation.

Correction: The sale of general obligation bonds from 2004 and 2005 is set for January 14, 2013.


StandforSomething 5 years, 4 months ago

Blimey! Just saw this...the same guy who's involved in a federal lawsuit and has questionable management skills as well as questionable people skills, while he's insisting that he remain the City's Interim City Administrator while at the same time he's insisting on being the City's Police Chief, is the same guy our tax dollars just got "approved" to pay him an extra $1000 per month raise! And there's no other comments on this prior to now?!?! Which is more outrageous - a guy without clean hands getting a raise who's got a conflict of interest, or nobody caring what he does any more to speak up, or the whole town was too busy working off Christmas presents like me and hasn't seen it yet! Travis agrees it was "supposed to be a temporary position," after putting out the word they were looking for applicants to replace him, and yet thinks the guy deserves more money after we just gave all of 'em a huge raise already. Guess you all down at City Hall like raping us peon residents. Shame on you!


StandforSomething 5 years, 3 months ago

All righty then, no more slang terms being referenced on how the City Hall must enjoy using its power trip against the citizens of Basehor....that somebody has "liked" without having seen it?? In the meantime, my prior comment went something like this:

Are you kidding me?!!?!? Travis admits it was to have been a temporary job, and yet the same guy who's refused to leave the city administrator's job while continuing his conflict of interest at the city police chief job, is the same guy who's got a federal lawsuit against himself and the city, is the same guy who just got a huge raise when the new city council gave it to him and all the others on a high-level position, is now the same guy who's getting another monthly raise???!!!

And on top of that, not only do we not get any word from the city council on what they're doing, like they think we're too stupid to remember it, but the same newspaper who gave us daily, and yes, at times there were daily, reports on poor Mr. Loughry being caught with changing the money amount on his own contract without prior city council knowledge or approval, is now the same newspaper who doesn't do any follow up at all about a federal lawsuit that a former Basehor police officer has filed, but the guy with questionable behaviors is given another raise!!!

And that's how 2012 gets summed up in Basehor, with tons of unanswered questions and unfinished business?


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