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A Look Back: Keywords are important

February 2, 2012

The brain is a remarkable thing.

How many times have we lost or misplaced something and our minds go blank until we take ourselves back to where we have been or what we were wearing. Keys, for instance, could have been put into a pocket or laid down in a different place in our house. Most of us have a definite place for small items, however, being humans, we sometimes will put them down wherever we are at the time thinking “I will remember.” Unfortunately that doesn’t happen. Our mental filing cabinet needs to have labels. Memory by visualization-association is probably the best way to go. We can improve our memory this way.

This modern day of computers helps us to remember things too, and reminds us just how important “keywords” are. At this point in time it is easy for me to forget what articles I have written when so I learned to use “keywords.”

For instance, if I want to remember about a column I wrote three or four years ago, all I have to do is type in, Lansing Current, my name, and use a Keyword such as “Camcorders” because I remembered writing about that but could not remember when. I did this and up came the article from March 6, 2008.

That is remarkable and saves much time and effort. Another thing I wanted to remember was about Mr. Largent who had a garage in Lansing back in the 1930s. I did the same thing using Largent’s Garage as the keyword. The article from Jan. 7, 2007, came up. Probably the word Largent would have done the same thing. There are around 375 articles to choose from that tells about people, places and things and history In Lansing. This has been a learning process for me. Any of you can use this process to find almost anything on the Internet.

I think there is a definite connection between the brain and the computer. I just need to work on my “visualization-association.”


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