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Basehor Recall Election Central

February 22, 2012

Use this page as your guide as you prepare to vote in the Feb. 28 Basehor recall election.

Below are links to the Sentinel's coverage of the petitions to recall Basehor Mayor Terry Hill and Basehor City Council members Dennis Mertz and Iris Dysart, as well as related issues. Many of these stories contain downloadable documents and records with more information.

First, check out the Sentinel's recall Q & A feature, which answers some questions you may have about how the recall election works and how the city of Basehor got here.

For more detailed information, take a look at the stories linked below:

Dennis Mertz and Iris Dysart recalls

Dennis Mertz

Dennis Mertz

Iris Dysart

Iris Dysart

• The word "recall" first entered the news in Basehor at the end of October, when a group of residents launched an effort to recall council members Mertz and Dysart.

• Shortly afterward, Mertz and Dysart publicly responded to the charges listed on the petition for their recall.

• Later in the fall, an unsolicited email promoting the recall effort prompted questions from residents and city council members.

• By late December, residents had gathered enough signatures on their petition and the county scheduled a recall election for Feb. 28.

• Just more than a week before the election, Mertz and Dysart spoke at a town-hall meeting, where they responded to accusations and criticisms against them.

• And with less than a week to go, Mertz addressed the recall election in a letter submitted to the Sentinel.

Terry Hill recall

Terry Hill

Terry Hill

• Shortly after the Mertz-Dysart recall effort began, a different group of residents created a petition to recall the mayor.

• The mayor responded to the allegations on his recall petition in a letter to Basehor residents.

• In December, Hill began a legal challenge of the petition for his recall.

• Then, in January, a Leavenworth County District Court judge ruled for Hill's election to continue. About a month later, the Kansas Court of Appeals confirmed that Hill would appear on the recall ballot.

• In February, the Sentinel looked into accusations of "wasteful spending" against Hill.

• About two weeks before the election, the mayor again discussed the accusations on his recall petition in a letter submitted to the Sentinel.

Mark Loughry firing

Mark Loughry

Mark Loughry

Former Basehor city administrator Mark Loughry is featured prominently in the accusations on all three recall petitions. Below are links to the Sentinel's coverage of Loughry's firing and its aftermath,

• The city council fired Loughry in a surprise, split vote in September.

• The firing sparked shock and confusion in the days that followed.

• The council members confirmed their decision in a special meeting later that week.

• The Sentinel examined allegations that Loughry had inappropriately received additional health benefits.

• In early October, the city council voided a severance check for more than $50,000 that Hill had authorized.

• Later that month, the Sentinel looked into accusations that Loughry had misrepresented his salary at his previous job.

• In December, Loughry was hired to work for the city of Raytown, Mo.

• And last month, Loughry informed the city of plans to file a lawsuit in response to actions surrounding his firing, seeking more than $500,000 in damages.

Other background

To learn more about the past actions of Hill, Mertz and Dysart as elected officials in Basehor, go to to look through Sentinel coverage of the Basehor City Council.


basehordream 8 years, 11 months ago

vote no to keep dysart and mertz

otherwise hill/brewer will just bring the low-income back next month. we must keep pressure on this to squash it.


listenupAmerica 8 years, 11 months ago

A lot of you seem to have some misconceptions about the senoir living complex, Country Place Living has facilities in 6 states including Kansas and 9 facilities already in the state of Kansas. The Breurers' do not own this complex!!!! The group came in and asked for investors to make the project a success, in case you do not know, Pebble Brooke (owned by Bonee Enterprises) is the only 55 and older living community in the city. This facility would provide on site care for individuals that would need more than what Pebble Brooke can offer. It's also funny that when the low income housing project came in 2 years ago and asked for support no one, and I mean no one showed up to argue about it then and council (including Washington, Dysart) gave the development full support and the letter they were asking for to take to the state for tax credits, where in the @#LL were you all at then. From the January 28, 2010 Basehor Sentinel • Approved, 4-0, a letter of support for Garrison Development to apply for affordable housing tax credits to construct Southside Village Apartments at 155th Street and Pinehurst Drive.


nomorelies0187Theoneman 8 years, 11 months ago

Well you certainly did not try to squash it a few years ago Jimmy when you voted in favor of it!!


becky 8 years, 11 months ago

vote no to keep dysart and mertz and vote yes to hill. thank you


Ronald Grover 8 years, 11 months ago

Vote YES to all. Send all of these children home to play and squabble.


Basehor 8 years, 11 months ago

Thank you. I agree send them all packing. This whole deal is out of control and pathetic with all the signs, letters, and postcards begging not to vote them out.


Talisman 8 years, 11 months ago

I would reflect on this vote as vindication for Mark Loughrey! The original two council members who were put on the ballot are no more! I'm hopeful Basehor can finally move forward.


mckinley2010 8 years, 11 months ago

@talisman are you kidding? marks legal troubles are just begining. as are terrys. you think trying to entice voters with free drinks at falcon lakes country club went went unnoticed. if i were mertz & dysart i would get the federal election commision involved. who knows they might. wouldnt that be a hoot. how many years do you get for violating a half dozen election and liquor laws.


Talisman 8 years, 11 months ago

Wake up mckinley.....cause you must be dreaming. There will be no legal troubles for either Terry or Mark, trust me on this one! You may want to attend the next meeting to see who gets appointed....I'm doubting it will be you. ;-)


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