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Brownback favors Leavenworth County being its own Kansas Senate district, chief of staff says

February 23, 2012

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Gov. Sam Brownback's chief of staff says the governor is in favor of making Leavenworth County a distinct Kansas Senate district.

David Kensinger, the governor's chief of staff, testified Wednesday before a Senate committee considering redistricting proposals. He says it is the only one of the state's 10 most populous counties whose representative does not live in the county.

Leavenworth County currently is part of a district represented by Tom Holland of Baldwin City and Kelly Kultala of Kansas City. They were the Democratic nominees for governor and lieutenant governor against Brownback and Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer in 2010.

The Topeka Capital-Journal reports ( Senate Democratic Leader Anthony Hensley said it's unusual for a governor's chief of staff to testify on redistricting.


johninbasehor 8 years, 8 months ago

Of course Brownback wants to gerrymander the district against the two incumbents so he can put another republican into office. This should be against the law. We need to get these state districts redrawn by someone, anyone that doesn't have a horse in the race, and Brownback definitely is a jockey.


JimWashington 8 years, 8 months ago

Leavenworth County is the only one of the 10 largest counties in the state which doesn't have a dedicated state senator. The redistricting process has been going on since early last year when the within state 2010 US Census results were published.

In Kansas redistricting is handled by bi-partisan committees in the House and Senate which conducted joint hearings around the state throughout the summer. Each committee develops their own maps and resolves them through conference. I attended the hearing for Leavenworth County held at the Leavenworth campus of KCKCC - think it was August.

At this point it appears the House Districts are agreed on. Basehor will be split between Connie O'Brien's 42 district and south of 24/40 will be part of the new 118th district. The State Senate districts nor the US House boundaries have been agreed on yet. There are multiple maps being circulated. You can still get your opinion heard by requesting to testify in front of the Senate Redistricting Committee - if you didn't take advantage of the local hearing last summer.

When I spoke to the governor on another issue last Friday evening, he brought this subject up. I'm glad he followed through on his statement that he was going to lobby the issue on our behalf.


JimWashington 8 years, 7 months ago

There are hearings in both the Senate and House tomorrow at noon. The House hearings are in the old Supreme Court Chambers and the Senate hearings are in 159-S.


Bob_Busk 8 years, 8 months ago

We need local representation for Leavenworth County. We're split in two and both senators reside outside the county. Kultala has never been to a County commission meeting, leavenworth city meeting, lansing city meeting, school board meeting and could really care less about Leavenworth. She lost leavenworth in the last election and is paying us back with little or no involvement here. She ran for Lt. Governor and campaigned for a year, nothing done for us. We've been left to fend for ourselves while she has been advocating for Wyandotte county. The other side of Leavenworth county is represented in the senate by Tom Holland, another one AWOL from our county, city, school meetings, campaigned for Governor, and spent almost NO time in our county.

Send the governor an email or call him and tell him you want local representation. I don't care if it is democrat, republican or moonbat, we need someone that is involved and wants to represent us in the Senate.


JimWashington 8 years, 8 months ago

I have to say that Holland has been responsive recently in the Suburban rate increase issue.


kbrown 8 years, 8 months ago


That is a very nice summation. Further, Leavenworth County should have never been split and IMO will be better served when unified.


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