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A Look Back: Trash and recycling program

February 23, 2012

A new era called the “Cart Trash and Recycling Program” will begin March 1 in Lansing. Residents may begin using the carts immediately upon delivery. I just can’t wait to see those beautiful new trash cans that I can wheel up and down the driveway. Seriously, it will be a good thing. The yellow-topped one is strictly for recycling and there are to be no bags inside this one. The black-topped container is for the stuff we have been putting out until now. Everything in this container should be in bags. The two carts should be at least 3 feet apart with arrows facing the street and handles facing your house. Trash bags that will not fit into the black-topped cart have to be marked with a sticker. These stickers cost $1.25 each and can be purchased in a sheet of 10 for $12.50 from Deffenbaugh Industries. The phone number is (913) 631-3300.

We all have trouble dealing with change, and we have been reading the directions over and over again just to get things straight. I’m sure we will continue to have a lot of questions and it will take some time to get used to what needs to be done. Our City Hall will have answers for us, too. All we have to do is ask.

I am certain this will keep our town neat and clean. We have been in the habit of taking our recyclables to the Leavenworth County Transfer Station located off east Gilman Road at 24967 136th Street in Lansing. We can still take our glass out there. It is a Ripple Glass collection site.

Years ago, Lansing had many unofficial dump sites. Every neighborhood had one and used mostly in an area that needed to be filled. I had lots of fun going from place to place to find good throwaway treasures. Good things there would make all sorts of things to build, including old boards and wooden boxes. One of my greatest finds was a kerosene heater that I converted to a wood stove and I would use it for popping pop corn in a popper that I also found there. Thankfully, those days are gone forever.

Trash has been a problem for cultures throughout the ages. The study of garbage has given us much insight into civilizations of yesteryear. Folks who study garbage are called garbologists. Reading about all of this online has been so fascinating for me. It is amazing what you learn. In 1976 the United States formed the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act that emphasized recycling and HW management. In 1979, the EPA-issued criteria prohibiting open dumping.


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