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Happy New Year!

January 5, 2012

Well, we made it through another year and peacefully welcomed in the brand new one just being couch potatoes and watching the festivities in New York. By the time ours arrived an hour later, I was half asleep. That kind of tells you something about me, doesn’t it? I can remember many a New Years Party here in Lansing when we were much younger with little kids of our own. After we bought our house on Lois Street, we had a full basement with not much in it so decided to have a party here. We bought paint, sort of a yucky green, and all our friends got together to do the painting and cleaning and decorating. Everything was yucky green including the doorknobs, but that didn’t matter.

Then we collected a whooping $6 from each couple to buy food and drinks and hats and horns. There were probably twenty or so people here. It is amazing how far $60 went back then. There was plenty of food and chips and drinks and a lot of fun for everyone. Over the years the same group celebrated every year going from one home to the other. That included basements and garages. One year it was at the Green Haven Café.

It is wonderful to have these memories. Time is going faster and I am going slower and keeping really busy. It is so hard to believe that with Ada’s help I have been writing this column over seven years, the first one being November 4, 2004. We haven’t missed a week. What is amazing now is that from week to week we never know what we are going to write about.

All I know now is that we have a new year to look forward to. Maybe I will get some of the things done that have been put off to “when I have more time, or when the weather warms up, or when I have more energy”. One thing for sure, we will be going to all of Lansing’s basketball games, and will try to fit in concerts or band sessions, or baseball games or track, cross country, or volley ball, or wrestling, etc. It is endless what our great Lansing kids can accomplish and we are so proud to be a part of it.


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