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Questionnaire: Dave Anderson, 38th District Kansas House race

Dave Anderson

Dave Anderson

July 30, 2012

Biographical information

Dave Anderson, Republican

Age: 56

Occupation: Owner of a commercial construction company

Married: Yes

Children: Four children

Religious affiliation: Lutheran

Education: Bachelor’s degrees in civil engineering from the University of Illinois and in mathematics from Western Illinois University.

Experience: Mayor of De Soto since April 2001. Served as board member for the Kansas City Area Development Council. Past chairman of Johnson and Wyandotte Counties Council of Mayors. Served eight years on the De Soto Planning Commission, the last two as chairman.

Quote: “Now that we have committed to a tax plan that was passed last year, we’d better all roll up our sleeves and try to expand our existing businesses and also attract new businesses. That would raise the level, and all boats would rise.”

Editor's note: Dave Anderson of De Soto is running against Willie Dove of Bonner Springs in the Republican primary for the 38th Kansas House District, which includes Basehor. Click here to read more about Anderson.

Q: Why did you decide to run for this seat? What would be your top priority if elected to the Legislature?

A: I was asked to run for the open seat by many friends and constituents. I have no single top priority. The people of the district are looking for someone who will go to Topeka with an open mind. Sustaining a business climate favorable to job creation and a school funding formula are two of the topics I hear most of.

Q: There has been much concern that the tax cuts signed into law by Gov. Sam Brownback — especially the portion that eliminates taxes on non-wage income for numerous business owners — will deprive the state of the revenue needed to properly fund schools, social services and public safety. Will you seek or support efforts to pare back those tax breaks for businesses?

A: No, I think the business tax break was OK, yet we must not forget to market our state and raise the level of business activity. I do not believe in slash-and-burn tax policy, and we must be very diligent on building the revenue side as well as scrutinizing expenses.

Q: Do you think schools are adequately funded? If not, what would be a proper level of funding and how would the state get that revenue?

A: The problem is that the Legislature does not keep its promise to the schools. We have a lot of good people running our schools, and I have seen great results in my school district. Getting state government together with school districts and getting serious about putting schools in a position to create and sustain education at a high level is very attractive for business in the state. That said, not everyone needs to go to college, and one shoe does not fit all students. Unfunded federal and state mandates should go away. That would lower the cost of education.

Q: Are there areas in the state budget that could be reduced? Please provide specifics.

A: I was asked this question before and I truly do not know enough about various state agencies to be judging reductions without that knowledge.

Q: Why should voters select you instead of your opponent?

A: I am the only candidate who has any governing experience. My record speaks for itself. The city of De Soto has grown and improved its infrastructure, parks and quality of life and still maintains the fourth lowest city mill levy among cities of 5,000-10,000 people in the state. We have grown our cash balances, raised our bond rating and never laid anyone off, all of this through the worst recession in the nation’s history.


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