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Letter: Beware city pay increases

June 6, 2012

To the editor:

With the change in Basehor’s chief executive, it appears we are headed the way of Bell, Calif., the city so infamous for paying its employees more than the president of the United States.

A close inspection of the plan in Agenda Item 4 of the June 4 City Council work session agenda shows increases of as much as 50.4 percent, and there is a return to the arbitrary cronyism in pay treatment that existed before the current plan was created five years ago. The city superintendent and police clerk are slated for increases of 42.8 percent and 38.3 percent. The police lieutenant is in line for that jackpot increase of 50.4 percent; meanwhile, the real workers in the street department and sewer plant will see a paltry 8.2 percent increase.

The existing plan was created to operate very much like the federal General Schedule system and make the arbitrary good-old-boy characteristics a thing of the past. The last two administrators opposed it and intentionally misinterpreted its provisions to provide increases beyond what had been authorized.

The massive increases in wages are not enough to satisfy our new mayor’s push to buy the love of “his employees” with our money. Item 3 of the agenda dismantles the changes made to the fringe benefit plan last summer limiting the city’s monthly benefit cost per single employee to $375. They want the city to go back to paying 100 percent. Of course, there is no fiscal note stating the cost impact.

The mayor and his staff justify this with the necessity to “compete” for employees. They obviously have no clue about the current economy — there are record numbers of people looking for jobs, many highly qualified and willing to take every job on our staff for substantially less than we are paying those currently demanding more and more.

Jim Washington


Editor’s note: The percentage increases cited from the proposed wage plan refer to the maximum possible wages to be paid for those positions. The employees currently holding those jobs would not necessarily receive wage increases in those amounts should the plan be approved.


Thinkaboutit 8 years, 1 month ago

Your right Jim... There are a lot of people looking for jobs right now. How many of them are certified to be police officers. I don't think I would like to just start hiring anybody with a application to protect my family. You get what you pay for in this world. If you don't take care of your employees, they will go somewhere that will after they gain certification and experience here. Same thing with city hall employees, experience goes a long ways in the job market and they all have it! Good comparison would be the KC Royals.... They find great players (employees) but refuse to pay them what they are worth so they goes to other teams (cities) after a little experience. we all see how much success that can bring!


johninbasehor 8 years, 1 month ago

All you have to do with Jim Washington and his group is to consider the source. None of them ever made over $14 an hour and they don't want anyone else to either. That is why that group wants to pay police officers for several months as ride alongs with certified police officers until they go to the state mandated school at Hutchinson, Ks. Only then can they perform police officer duties. While at school, the department is without that police officer so again the city is short handed in case of an emergency. After a year on the job, the cycle is repeated because Basehor doesn't pay its officers as well as other cities, and the health insurance is mediocre at best, with the officers picking up 100% of any insurance rate increase from here on out. The next time you need a police officer, do you want a professional answering the call, or do you want Barney Fife answering the call with one bullet in his pocket? Better yet, if you need help, call Jim Washington, because he has all the answers! By the way, I am not employed or have ever received a dollar from the city of Basehor. I am just a resident that is tired of Washington's group finding fault with everyone that has ever worked for or governed the City of Basehor in any capacity.


ProudOfOurCity 8 years, 1 month ago

Washington and his cronies just like to bloviate. No one cares what he thinks. He would like to be king of Basehor but no one will listen to him!!


becky 8 years ago

mr. proud of our city you must be ed bush he is always saying cronies to the group of people of basehor. you want to do right for the city of basehor then run fot mayor next april, see if you can get the votes , i would't vote for you . you are with the mayor and city adm. good old boys . you better read the last basehor paper the wage increase for some could be $14.00 a hour increase or $29,000.00 a year . that will possible be the chief of police and the city adm. when we get a new one. why we have a surplus of $91,000.00 right we in the benefits fund is we are not paying benefits for a city adm. , that is where that is coming from . ask the city why we have that much in the fund. they use all of the benefits funds a year. sure the special mill levy now will stay the same but,will go up in 2013 . marley said in the paper that it would go up in 2013. marley forgot to mention that beside the 2 1/2 percent that the employees get they get a 3 percent this year DO YOU GET A 5 1/2 PERCENT INCREASE in wages people are not moving around from job to job . they are staying in the job they have . if the police officers are leaving there may be a problem with the higher up employees as the chief of police . thank for your time


becky 8 years ago

johninbasehor i do make over $14.00 a hour and i do my job the best i can .


johninbasehor 8 years ago

If this is what we get for fourteen dollars an hour, then I hope the police, that put their lives between the criminals and the citizens of our community, make much more than someone like Becky. Right now, I don't think officers make much more money than Becky does, and they must wear twenty pounds of body armor to protect themselves and know all the laws they must enforce.


enough 8 years ago

so let's cut your wages and reduce your benefits and see how you like it. maybe then you will understand what is going on. you could probably do a much better job if you knew how to write and speak the English language


becky 8 years ago

editor's note you said refer to the maximum possible wages to be paid , the mayor and the city adm. will pay the top wages increases to the top employees THEN WATCH OUR TAXES UP UP IN 2013 OR 2014 can you pay more taxes in the future . my taxes are high enough.


ProudOfOurCity 8 years ago

Becky, First of all I am not Ed Bush nor am I a MR. You my dear need to take a course on proper use of the English language along with punctuation and spelling. I get a headache trying to figure out what you are saying.
Give it a rest. You definitely are not the poster child we want for our school system.


falconlakes 8 years ago

"You my dear need to take a course on proper use of the English language along with punctuation and spelling." is not grammatically correct. It should be "THE proper use."

Idiots calling others idiots. Welcome to Basehor.


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