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Avoid charity scams when donating to relief efforts

November 5, 2012

The Kansas Attorney General’s office encourages residents to be aware of possible scams when donating to relief efforts for Superstorm Sandy.

To ensure donations are going to a reputable charity and that the funds are being used for the intended purposes, follow these tips to avoid a scam.

• Make donations to established organizations with a strong track record of organizing and providing disaster relief.

• Initiate the donation yourself, rather than responding to online or phone solicitations.

• Avoid door-to-door solicitors or offers from charities to stop by a consumer’s home to pick up a check. These too could be fraudulent.

• Do not be pressured by pitches from solicitors. Legitimate charities will not push you to donate immediately.

• Be wary of charities that ask for alternate forms of payment. Legitimate charities allow you to donate when and how much you want.

For more information about avoiding charity scams, visit


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