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City Council discusses annexation timeline at Monday meeting

Basehor City Hall is at 2620 N. 155th St.

Basehor City Hall is at 2620 N. 155th St.

November 6, 2012

Basehor City Council members began planning the timeline of annexation of properties at Briar Road and 153rd Street at their meeting Monday night.

The plan is to annex the four properties in the area into the city to then create a benefit district and extend city services to the property owners.

The action seems simple enough, but the processes are intertwined, City Attorney Shannon Marcano said.

“It’s a chicken-and-egg situation,” Marcano said.

The area cannot be annexed until the city addresses how the extension of benefits will be funded, a cost of $120,000. And the benefit district cannot be extended to provide city sewer services until the area is annexed.

Council members decided the best option would be to finance the work up front from the general fund to be paid back by combining a new $120,000 bond with two other refinanced general obligation bonds. By combining the three bonds, the city will save money on additional bond processing and legal fees.

The two bonds to be refinanced are from infrastructure improvements to Falcon Lakes and Pinehurst Estates subdivisions. The city expects to save almost $420,000 by refinancing the two bonds.

The council will vote on a public hearing date for the annexation at its meeting Monday, Nov. 19.

In other business at the meeting:

• After more discussion on commercial sewer connection fees, the council came to a consensus on what they think is a fair rate for businesses. Members agreed they don’t want a business paying less than a residence for a sewer connection fee.

The new commercial sewer connection fee structure would charge builders 30 cents per square foot of structure, but no less than $3,450, which is the current commercial and residential flat connection fee. A commercial structure will continue to be charged at 30 cents per square foot above the $3,450. The council will vote on the fee structure at the Nov. 19 meeting.

• Marcano and Interim City Administrator Lloyd Martley updated council members on the progress of transferring the deed of the triangular piece of property at 150th Street and State Avenue back to the property owner, First State Bank and Trust.

Originally, Kansas Department of Transportation gave the city a grant to purchase the property in order to obtain the right of way for an alignment project, the idea being that after the project was completed, the remaining land would be deeded back to the property owner. The land was bought and funds were spent on early engineering plans, but the project was canceled and the deed was never transferred.

First State Bank and Trust would like to plat and market the land but cannot proceed until the deed is in its name. Because KDOT was involved in the original transaction, the three parties are currently working on a plan of action to serve everyone’s interest, Marcano said.

• Council members discussed renewing the Field of Dreams operating contract with National Youth Sports Sanctioning Organization with an increase of $5,000. The increase is to counteract the city’s increased maintenance work that will be necessary due to higher enrollment and more use at the facility. The new contract, which will go to vote at the Nov. 19 meeting, would require NYSSO pay $35,000 plus utilities for use of the facility.

• Council members moved Ordinance 620, court costs amendment, and external audit services agreement to the consent agenda for their next meeting.

• Council member Brian Healy updated the council on the new city employee performance evaluation program that will go into effect next year.


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