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Questionnaire: Pete Henderson, 38th Kansas House District

Pete Henderson

Pete Henderson

October 26, 2012

Editor's note: Pete Henderson of Basehor is running against Willie Dove of Bonner Springs for the 38th Kansas House District.

Biographical information

Pete Henderson, Democrat

Age: 70

Occupation: retired

Married: yes

Children: two

Religion: Episcopalian

Experience: Teacher 4 1/2 years, guidance counselor 4 1/2 years, sales 27 years.

Education: Bachelor’s degree education, master’s degree in guidance and counseling

Pete Henderson

Q: The 6.3 percent sales tax is scheduled to fall back to 5.7 percent on July 1, 2013. But some have talked about making the temporary sales tax increase permanent as a way to maintain funding. Is that something you would support?

A: I would not support it. The sales tax is regressive and disproportionately hurts lower income earners.

Q: Do you think schools are efficiently funded? If not, how could it be more efficient?

A: Schools should be funded according to the formula already in place. There might be efficiencies in consolidating small school districts administratively without closing local schools.

Q: Are there areas in the state budget that could be reduced? Please provide specifics.

A: I believe we have already cut the fat. Further cuts would harm essential services to education, infrastructure, and social services.

Q: What steps would you take to improve the Kansas economy?

A: I would require that out of state companies getting government contracts in Kansas be required to hire Kansans first. I would also tie tax breaks to actual jobs instead of the failed trickle-down theory of the current legislature and Governor.

Q: Why should voters select you instead of your opponent?

A: People should vote for me because I have all the tools to deliver “common sense” solutions to our coming freight train of debt. My opponent, on the other hand, has signed the “No Tax Increase” pledge. This leaves him one tool in his bag, an axe. He will have no choice but to cut education, infrastructure, and social services. This will lead to increased property taxes at the local level. Elect Pete Henderson for District 38 State Representative.


Looking4Govt2StandUp4Us 5 years, 7 months ago

Mr. Henderson, If you were to be elected to office, would you support the State Of Kansas to continue subsidizing Air-Tran aka Southwest Airlines that operate 3 flight daily from Wichita to Atlanta ? Kansas for the past 5 years has given $4.86 million dollars PER year to Air-Tran. Southwest now is the owner operator through purchase and always operate in the black. Would you support this usage of taxpayer dollars? Thanks.



Looking4Govt2StandUp4Us 5 years, 7 months ago

Mr Henderson,

If you were to be elected to office, would you REQUIRE the State of Kansas purchase fleet vehicles from one of the USA auto makers ?

Or, would you support purchase of foreign manufactures for the Kansas fleet ?




Looking4Govt2StandUp4Us 5 years, 7 months ago

Mr. Henderson, Info from a Google search..........41 News Wichita

The law creating the Kansas Affordable Airfares Program recommended establishing a regional airport for western Kansas, but it also allows any community that can prove it is lowering fares for a significant amount of Kansans to apply for the grant. 41 Action News found all of the money from the program was awarded to the Wichita Mid-continent Airport from 2006-2011. Airport officials say they used the money to lure low cost carriers Frontier Airlines and AirTran to Wichita. They say the additional airlines helped increased competition and reduce air fare prices. Valerie Wise with the Wichita Airport Authority explained, “Prior to AirTran starting service in 2002, Wichita had the 10th highest fares in the country.” “Our fares were 23 percent higher than the U.S. average so we can assume if we didn't have low cost carriers here today that our fares would again be about 23 percent higher than the U.S. average.” “They would be higher than they are today,” said Wise. In 2011, AirTran received $6.5 million from state and local funds to subsidize flights in and out of Wichita Read more:


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