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Basehor City Council moving ahead with city administrator search

Basehor City Hall is at 2620 N. 155th St.

Basehor City Hall is at 2620 N. 155th St.

September 10, 2012

After nearly a year with the office vacant, the Basehor City Council is ready to find a new city administrator.

Council members said during their work session Monday they believed the city had gone long enough without its top unelected official, and they were ready to begin searching for a new administrator now rather than wait for the election of new council members in April.

“The city's been on hold basically for 11 months now,” said council member Dick Drennon, who requested last month that the council begin working to fill the spot.

Member Ty Garver asked the others how they felt about making such a significant move when four of the five current council members were appointed rather than elected. The response from several was that they had been charged with governing the city, and hiring a new administrator is what needs to be done.

“We took an oath to take action and do the right things for this council,” member Brian Healy said, “not to wait for an election and not to worry about being re-elected.”

Garver and Healy, who were appointed in April to replace recalled former member Dennis Mertz and current Mayor David Breuer, are in seats that will be up for election in April 2013. Breuer's term ends in 2013, as well. Drennon and Vernon J. Fields, who replaced former members Iris Dysart and Fred Box, have terms that will last until 2015.

Council members said they hoped to settle on a job description, a salary range and a search method at their October work session.

Interim City Administrator Lloyd Martley said one option would be for the city to hire the League of Kansas Municipalities to conduct a candidate search. The city paid the LKM about $5,200 for such services during its search in 2009, though the candidate who was ultimately hired, Mark Loughry, was not found through the LKM's service.

Council members said they may favor saving the city some money and conducting the search themselves, though Martley said that culling a large pool of applicants for a few candidates to interview could be a time-consuming process.

“Do all of you have time to sit here and read 200 applications?” Martley said.

Another option, he said, would be to inquire with the city's human-resources contractor about helping with the search.

Member Travis Miles took the occasion to thank Martley, who has filled in since Loughry's firing in September 2011 while also serving as police chief.

“You've done a fantastic job keeping this city moving forward for the last 12 months,” Miles said.

Also during Monday's council work session:

• Bryan Kidney of the city's financial supervisor, Springsted Inc., presented the council with a framed certificate congratulating the city on the AA-minus bond rating it earned from Standard & Poor's on the $8.8 million in general-obligation bonds it sold last month.

Kidney said the rating was impressive for a city Basehor's size, and S&P had cited the strength of the city's funds and its management, as well as residents' high income levels.


MzR 9 years, 11 months ago

“Do all of you have time to sit here and read 200 applications?”

Uhhhh....are you saying you want to read those 200 applications all by yourself?? Can't be another "option" offer when it's worded like an insult, talking down to your superiors.

Enough. Please let the city council do THEIR job. They don't need you doing THEIR job (again, since you and your friends did not let the former city council do THEIR job in reviewing all those former employees' records to determine their outcome!).

Based on how far they've gone in life, the city council all appear to be literate. And they filled out the applications and accepted the appointments, which is assuming they fully expected to spend the time to sit there and do THEIR job.


Thinkaboutit 9 years, 11 months ago

Was beginning to worry about MzR and/or LR... Been a couple days since they had a negative comment. Never seen such a negative couple of people in my life. How is that quote talking down to council? Council is not a full time position. These people have jobs and lives outside of chambers. 200 applicants would be a lot to do only meeting once or twice a month.


MzR 9 years, 11 months ago

Tonganoxie city administrator job opening had a total of 40 applicants during a 4 month search.

40 divided by 6 city council members = 6.6 applications per each city council member.

This information is for those of us that like to deal in facts and even if there were a 100 or 200 as suggested above, common sense would dictate that you divide number by 6, and then they would pick about 5 of their top choices, get together, and vote on the top 10. This is just good business/management sense. Very simple math.

The above comments reflect back on yourself since I'm standing up for our city council, and I firmly believe that they are capable enough to select a qualified applicant between the 6 of them.


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