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Mayor reflects on city’s accomplishments in address

January 17, 2013

Mayor David Breuer used his State of the City address Thursday to highlight the city’s accomplishments over the last year and to thank everyone who helped along the way.

Breuer spoke to a packed house of city officials and business owners at the monthly Chamber of Commerce meeting at 24/40 Roadside Cafe. He pointed out the many infrastructure projects completed, such as the new stoplight at 158th Street and State Avenue and the increased road maintenance.

With a total of 43 building permits let in 2012, almost half of Leavenworth County’s new home development was in Basehor, Breuer said. And Basehor continues to be one of the fastest growing communities on either side of the Kansas City metro area.

The city has also done well financially, Breuer said, as sales tax collections are higher than last year and the city also refinanced two loans to save about $1 million. After receiving its first Standard and Poor’s AA- rating in August and its second Jan. 10, Basehor stands apart from the entire state as the only city with a population of less than 5,000 to receive such a rating, Breuer said. Those ratings speak to the stability and credit-worthiness of the city, he added.

“It’s not as good as being a Blue Ribbon school,” Breuer joked, “but it’s close.”

Breuer was referring to the prestigious award Basehor-Linwood High School won in 2012.

Looking ahead, the Wolf Creek Parkway extension is set to begin in July, Breuer said. The project will improve 155th and 158th streets and extend Wolf Creek Parkway between them. The total cost of the project is $3 million, of which the city will pay for $750,000.

Breuer thanked city council members and City Hall staff, saying the city wouldn’t have accomplished everything it had without everyone’s help.

Breuer also congratulated the City Superintendent Gene Myracle and maintenance crews on winning the Kansas Municipal Insurance Trust Gold Star for workplace safety. It’s the 10th year the city has received the recognition, which earns the city a 5 percent discount on workers compensation premiums.


johninbasehor 5 years, 4 months ago

The City has come a long way since the dark days of the city council of the last administration. Let us all hope that we are able to keep this administration in office, with an educated city council this time, instead of what we had in the past with all the infighting and mistrust of the former city council. Basehor is now a nice place to work and raise your children. Let us hope that the former council with their leader Jim Washington, Fred Box, and others never again rise to power in our city.


becky 5 years, 3 months ago

You don't need a lot of educated people on the council , they just need common sense. The council now have high ideas on how to spend the taxpayers money. Giving big raises to the employees and to chief marley, what happenedto the small town that i moved to years ago, The council and the chief Marley and Mayor Breuer wants a big town. Let them move to a big town.


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