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City council addresses dumping at park, 2014 budget

July 10, 2013

Thanks to a recent increase in littering and out-of-town participation, the city of Basehor could soon be keeping a closer watch on the dumping occurring in City Park.

City ordinance No. 171, adopted in 1973, allows residents of Basehor to dump tree branches, leaves and grass in a designated area at the far north end of the park. The ordinance was intended to provide a convenience for residents who aren’t capable of burning on their own property. However, an increase in dumping has led city officials to believe there are nonresidents taking advantage of the ordinance.

“The word must have gotten out across the state of Kansas, because we’re starting to see a huge amount of dumping that cannot just be coming from Basehor,” said Basehor police chief Lloyd Martley at a city council work session on July 1. “It’s a courtesy to the citizens, but it’s widely being taken advantage of.”

As a way to prevent excess dumping — some of which has included building materials and other waste — Martley and city superintendent Gene Myracle presented ordinance No. 629 to the council. The ordinance specifically states that only Basehor residents are permitted to dump, and it lists possible penalties for violators.

In addition to having to take back what they dumped, violators may have to appear in front of a municipal judge and pay a fine between $100 and $500, depending on how many times they’ve been warned or caught. If the ordinance is passed, a sign including what can be dumped, allowed dumping times and a list of potential fines will be posted at the dumping site.

In addition to the dumping ordinance, Martley recommended that the council approve ordinance No. 630, which amends an existing ordinance covering municipal court procedures for indigent defendants. The ordinance — No. 492 — shows that the court-appointed attorney receives a compensation of $300 per month, but that amount was changed to $400 by the city council. Ordinance No. 630 would change No. 492 to reflect the correct compensation.

The council wrapped up its work session by reviewing Basehor’s preliminary 2014 budget, which revealed a lowered mill levy for the third consecutive year. The 2014 mill levy is projected at 29.171, down from 29.407 in 2013.

All items discussed were moved to the consent agenda, where they’ll be voted on at the city council meeting on July 15.


Looking4Govt2StandUp4Us 4 years, 9 months ago


Good start... Fines are too lenient !

Contractors who dump illegal........make the fine $2000.00 and it will only be an hour or less that every contractor will get the message.

Why would someone have to be warned if there are posted rules ? I run a stop light or sign, I sure would not be warned, or going 30 MPH over the speed limit get a warning.

I personally have been at the park disposing of brush and confronted parties on three different occasions with out of county license and asked what they were doing there. They all said limbs and brush were from relatives and did know the proper address of same.

Thanks for the progress as the disposal site is a terrific benefit to any Basehor resident that make attempts to make their property better.

"Happy Citizen" !


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