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BSHS boys, girls basketball teams conclude summer play

July 16, 2013

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The Bonner Springs girls wrapped up their summer basketball season in grand fashion this weekend, playing 10 games in three days.

That’s a lot of basketball for a team that didn’t practice the week leading up to its final tournament of the season.

Initially, BSHS was only scheduled to compete in a tournament for grades 9-10, but because of a late dropout they also competed in the tournament for upperclassmen.

BSHS coach Clay Oakes didn’t coach this weekend to let his junior varsity coaches take the reins, but he was impressed with what he saw.

Oakes thought the Braves were a little winded to start off with because they hadn’t played in a week, but once they played a few games, they found their groove and started “getting their wind back.”

“It was pretty much a team effort,” Oakes said. “Mikaela Bennett had an awesome weekend. Julianne Jackson and Miyah Hightower had good weekends. Caitlin Reed had some good games.”

A few weeks ago, ball control was a bit of concern. In that tournament, which was hosted at the high school, BSHS committed nearly 20 turnovers a game. This weekend was different, especially down the stretch of some games when the girls were tired and mentally fatigued.

He thinks the girls are starting to understand their teammates’ games and where they will be on the court. They are meshing as a unit.

“They did a great job in the final game,” Oakes said. “It was a four-point game with about three minutes left and they came down and ran a good minute-and-a-half off the clock in one possession. It was all ball control, moving the ball and moving on offense.”

They played one game Friday, five games Saturday and four games Sunday. They won the 9-10 tournament and placed fourth in the 11-12 tournament.

“It was a great way to finish up our summer,” Oakes said.

Boys end on high note

The BSHS boys basketball placed second in the B Bracket and fifth overall in a Mid-America Youth Basketball tournament it hosted July 12-14.

BSHS coach Dan Streit said the Braves played well Sunday morning.

“This was our culminating event and the kids have the rest of the summer off until school starts,” Streit said.

The boys will continue to condition, but Streit said most of them play football.

Streit ran into a bit of a problem this summer with commitment. He didn’t think he had 100 percent commitment from the boys. He understood missing for little things here and there, but they averaged only 15 players at workouts. They would see 27 some days and then 12 others.

“You can’t get a whole lot done if the kids aren’t fully committed to getting better,” Streit said.

Some players had to work around their work schedules and that was understandable, Streit said. They’d go to morning weights and workouts, but then would have to go to work.

Some showed up only for the final three or four workouts and the coaching staff was wondering where they were all summer.

Some would show up right as workouts were ending for the day and the coaches were wondering where they were.

See the pattern?

Streit was worried about the younger kids such as the freshman who are starting to understand the expectations.

Those expectations were set fairly high. Streit tries to set his expectations higher than they really are.

On a scale of 1-10, he would rank the summer as an eight. He thought the Braves needed to work on the fundamentals: ball handling and rebounding.

“We’ve been flirting with a different motion offense that I wanted the boys to learn last year, but I think at times they were overwhelmed,” Streit said. “Our goal was to work on that.”

He said defensive catalyst Weston Vitt played well this weekend.

Jordan Jackson has been plagued by an ankle injury that happened at the Northwest Missouri State Shootout in late June and hasn’t been a 100 percent since. He aggravated it this weekend.

Another player emerged as a potential 2013-14 leader, earning praise in his development of the game’s fundamentals.

“One that really stood out to me was Brenden Dotson,” Streit added. “He was aggressive attacking the basket. He does a good job handling the ball and did a good job defensively.”


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