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Good old summertime has finally arrived

June 25, 2013

It’s finally here! After a terrible spring, “good old summer time” has finally arrived. Next to football season, it is my favorite time of the year, and I love to go outside, enjoy the warm breeze and bask a bit in the sunshine. Toss in the fact that there are lots and lots of flowers blooming, and it is, indeed, a wonderful time of year.

I know there are those who really don’t like summer. They complain about the high heat and humidity; however, as long as there is air conditioning, I can find a cool spot. I mentioned that to a friend, and his negative answer was “remember high electric bills.” My retort was, how about high gas bills in winter?

Certainly one of my first summer loves is baseball. I know the Royals sometimes are very frustrating, but I’m glad we have a hometown major league team. In addition, the T-Bones do a great job and admission is affordable. If you want more baseball, there are lots of kids’ games. There are the great festivities for the Fourth of July, city band concerts and Tiblow Days is just around the corner. Children have learning opportunities to learn and have fun at summer camps, vacation Bible schools, summer library and recreation programs.

I also love the fresh, homegrown vegetables. Is there anything better than a tomato from your garden? Watermelon is certainly a summer treat. In addition, things slow down with many meetings canceled.

In short, summer is a great time of year. I even enjoyed mowing the lawn, although I am now limited to using the riding mower. There was a time when I enjoyed swimming, but that probably is past history.

I suppose I really shouldn’t enjoy summer as much as I do because I face two formidable woes. Being fair skinned I sunburn very easily, and as far as mosquitoes are concerned, I am a gourmet meal. If there is a mosquito within 10 miles, the pesky bug will find and dine on me.

When it comes to sun burning, I learned my lesson a long time ago. I have had serious sun burns twice in my life, and there will not be a third time. I always wear a t-shirt and a hat when I mow. In the old days, when I went swimming, I always wore a t-shirt. In fact, if I were to walk to the mailbox without a shirt, I think that I would burn. But the problem is easily solved with shirts and sun-blocker. I might add that too much exposure to the sun can be dangerous and result in serious health problems.

While I have learned to deal with sun exposure, I haven’t had too much luck with my mosquito problem. I think they line up outside the door and wait for me. I don’t go outside for long without bug repellant.

When I was in Australia in 1968, I noted something hanging over the bed in the hotel room. I asked about it and was told it was a mosquito net. During the night, I looked up and the netting was filled with those pesky blood suckers.

I wasn’t pleased to discover that mosquitoes are especially attracted to some people. It seems that genetics are responsible. There are 3,000 or more varieties of mosquitoes and more than 170 species live in the United States. There are times when I think all of them are in my backyard.

I will never be a sun worshipper or like mosquitoes, but they won’t stop me from enjoying summer. All I can add is I hope you have a wonderful and safe summer.


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